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    Halloween 2017

    Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. It’s fun to dress in costumes and go out to celebrate, and it’s even more fun with a little kid. Gavin loved Halloween this year. He was really into all the spooky decorations. It seemed all the stores we shopped had ghosts and monsters on display, which Gavin thought was fun and it was all he wanted to talk about while we shopped.

    We celebrated a few different Halloween events this year. First up was the library storytime. The kids could dress up and they received a free book. A fun event, and all the kids dressed up were really cute. Gavin dressed as an astronaut. He loves space stuff and we had bought the astronaut suit earlier in the year when we went to NASA.

    Gavin as an astronaut | rainerlife.com

    Next was a Halloween event at a local brewery. We dressed as pirates, another of Gavin’s favorite pretend play characters. The event was fun, they were selling food and had live music.

    Darinda, Gavin, and Michael as pirates | rainerlife.com

    Gavin as a pirate | rainerlife.com

    Darinda and Gavin as pirates | rainerlife.com

    The last Halloween event was trick or treating. We had planned to go as pirates, but the weather turned cold and rainy. Since Gavin’s astronaut costume was warmer than his pirate costume, he went as an astronaut. Michael and I usually wear something to coordinate with Gavin’s costume, so since he changed costumes, we did too. The family costume was an astronaut and two aliens. Gavin had a blast trick or treating, and he keeps talking about it.

    Gavin as an astronaut, Michael and Darinda as aliens | rainerlife.com

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    Halloween 2016

    We had a very happy Halloween!

    This was Gavin’s first year trick or treating, and he loved it. It was cute how he would get really excited when would get to a house. He would start saying “trick or treat” and run up to the front door, but when they opened the door he got really shy and wouldn’t say anything. When they held the bowl out for him to take a candy, he would take as much as he could get… so, this kid knows how to do it right! Since he’s a cute little kid, they’d give him extra candy and talk to him for a little bit. He usually said “bye” when we left, so that’s something.

    We had a family themed costume this year – Gavin was a police officer and Michael and I were the burglars he had nabbed.

    Halloween - Cops and Robbers | rainerlife.com

    Halloween - Police Officer | rainerlife.com

    Halloween - Checking his loot | rainerlife.com

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    Thankful 2015

    Garden of the Gods | rainerlife.com

    I’m thankful for so much in my life! I’ve done Thanksgiving posts in previous years (2013 and 2014), so continuing the tradition – 10 things I’m thankful for:

    1. Gavin
    2. Family
    3. Our home
    4. Slow mornings
    5. Laughter
    6. Quiet days
    7. Good books
    8. New ideas
    9. Travel
    10. Great food

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Happy New Year! {2015}

    Cheers! Happy New Year! | rainerlife.com

    We had an amazing 2014! We were blessed with our happy, healthy little boy. We also moved into our new home.

    Today, we relaxed and spent time with family. For lunch, we had our traditional meal of black-eyed peas and cabbage. We watched the Rose Parade and some of the college football bowl games. It was a great way to start off the new year.

    For 2015, we are looking forward to spending time with Gavin and watching him grow. We also have a few projects to do around the new house. I have the typical New Year resolutions – exercise more, eat healthier, get more organized, declutter, etc. Hopefully, I can stick with the resolutions long enough to reach my goals.

    Excited to see what 2015 holds for our family!

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    Gavin’s First Christmas {2014}

    Gavin in his Santa hat | rainerlife.com

    We had a great first Christmas with Gavin. He’s too young to know what is going on, but he was happy to play along for us.

    We went to Mass on Christmas Eve. Gavin did okay, but he got a little fussy. His Honey (grandmother) took him out a couple of times to walk with him and calm him down. Since it was Christmas Eve, the Chapel was packed and we didn’t want his fussiness to disturb other parishioners.

    We had Christmas morning in our new home. We didn’t get an early start since Gavin is too young to be excited about presents. Gavin’s Honey and Pappaw (grandmother and grandfather) came over to celebrate with us. We all had fun opening presents and enjoyed our Christmas morning tradition of sausage balls and mimosas.

    Gavin opening Christmas presents| rainerlife.com

    Gavin helped open his presents and played with them. His main gift was an activity jumper. He got it the week before Christmas though. We figure he didn’t know the difference, so why wait. We also got him a few other toys and some books. He got lots of clothes and more toys from his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

    Gavin in his activity jumper | rainerlife.com

    It was a nice, relaxing Christmas of firsts – Gavin’s first Christmas and our first Christmas in our new home.

    Christmas morning| rainerlife.com

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    Thankful 2014

    Lake Palestine | rainerlife.com

    I’m thankful for so much. Last year I listed ten things I was thankful for at Thanksgiving. I’m still thankful for those things, and this year I’m listing ten things that come to mind that I’m thankful for.

    1. A healthy, happy baby. Gavin has brought so much joy to our lives.
    2. Family and friends
    3. Our great dog, Belle
    4. New experiences
    5. Our new home
    6. Rainy days
    7. Southern cooking
    8. Safety and security
    9. Good health
    10. Coffee

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    Gavin’s First Halloween {2014}

    Yesterday was Gavin’s first Halloween. He’s too young to take around trick or treating, but we still wanted to dress him up. So, for his first Halloween he was Clark Kent aka Superman. I couldn’t find baby size glasses, but he looks cute in his oversize glasses.

    Gavin as Clark Kent aka Superman | rainerlife.com

    Gavin as Clark Kent aka Superman | rainerlife.com

    Gavin as Clark Kent aka Superman | rainerlife.com

    Gavin as Clark Kent aka Superman | rainerlife.com

    Gavin as Clark Kent aka Superman | rainerlife.com

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    Christmas 2013

    Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. This year, we decided to really decorate our home. Last year was our first Christmas as a married couple and we had two trees up (we each owned an artificial tree before getting married). After Christmas last year, we decided to look for the tallest tree we could find to put in our entrance hall. We found a pre-lit 12-foot tree on sale. This year we put it up and decorated it in all red and white.

    The taller of the other two trees (6.5 ft) was put up beside the fireplace. This tree is decorated with ornaments acquired over the years. Each year of my life, my Mama has bought me a Christmas ornament, so those account for a lot of what is on the tree. 🙂 Over the fireplace, our stockings are hung – one for each of us: Michael, Belle, and me.

    The third tree is 6-foot tall, and we decorated it in blue and silver. This tree is by the window in our game room upstairs. I liked the idea of having a tree by a window so we could open up the curtains and it would look nice from outside. The only room this would work in is the game room, so that’s where it is.

    I have a collection of LSU Santas that I put on display each Christmas. This year, I put them on top of the bookcases in the study. I think it looks great, but Michael’s not a fan. 🙂

    We did not put lights on the outside of the house, so to look festive, I put two pre-lit Christmas topiaries by the front door and a Merry Christmas sign in the flower bed. Also, each of the windows on the front of the house have two flickering candle lights in them.

    I enjoyed decorating this year, and it’s been great having such a Christmasy feeling in our home.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Thankful 2013

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    10 things I’m thankful for.
    1. Family
    2. Belle (aka, best dog ever)
    3. The opportunity to travel
    4. Financial security
    5. Libraries
    6. Sunshine
    7. Farmers Markets
    8. Laughter
    9. New ideas
    10. Craft beer