Gavin is 11 Months Old!

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Gavin is so much fun!

This June, we celebrated Father’s Day for the first time with our little man. It was a nice relaxing day. We went to brunch and enjoyed our day together as a family.

Father's Day 2015 |

Gavin loves exploring his surroundings. He’s so curious, and he’s always watching what we’re doing. He doesn’t army crawl any more, he regular crawls everywhere. He can pull himself up to standing really well and has started cruising along the furniture. We’ve been enjoying our home and spending a little time outside on pretty days. He seems to enjoy being outside.

Gavin |

Gavin has six teeth, and he chews on everything. Last week, I put some crib rail protectors on his bed because he was starting to chew on his crib. I try to keep a toy handy that he can chew on when we’re out, and he has lots of toys at the house. Lately, he plays with his books, stacking toy, balls, truck, and his newest toy. He got a blow up pool recently, and he likes playing in it. He also really enjoys bath time, and lately he likes playing with his bath animals and bath book.

Gavin in his pool |

He’s a good eater, and he’s eating more solid foods now. He’s sleeping well at night (about 12 hours) and he naps twice a day (morning and afternoon). His morning nap is usually a little shorter than his afternoon nap. His allergies have been bothering him lately, so we’re trying to keep that under control. Even when his allergies are bothering him, he’s still such a happy little man.

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