Monthly Recap: May 2017

Happy Summer!

Michael, Gavin, and I started the month off with the quick family trip to Houston. You can read about our trip here. We had a great time, and it was nice to get away on a short vacation.

Gavin at Rocket Park | rainerlife.com

Gavin at the Houston Zoo | rainerlife.com

Gavin and I went to a Mother and Son bowling outing with some other mothers and sons from our church. It was Gavin’s first time bowling, and he wasn’t too interested in it. At first, he was excited and wanted to roll the ball. Of course, the ball didn’t go very far, so I had to help him with rolling the ball. It was fun, and it was nice to get out with other moms and kids.

Gavin picking a bowling ball | rainerlife.com

Darinda & Gavin at Mother / Son bowling | rainerlife.com

We celebrated Mother’s Day with a nice lunch out. It was a relaxing day, where we didn’t do much, but spent the day together. Those are great days.

Darinda & Gavin on Mother's Day | rainerlife.com

Gavin’s most recent soccer classes ended. He’s pretty good when he’s paying attention… it’s keeping the attention of a two-year-old that’s tricky. It’s been a good way for him to learn teamwork, while having fun with other kids his age. Since he’s not too interested in the classes, we’re taking a break from soccer for a while.

Gavin at soccer | rainerlife.com

Gavin with his Certificate of Completion for soccer classes | rainerlife.com

Gavin and I have continued to work in the flower beds around the house. We’ve made a lot of progress, even though it seems to be a never-ending job. Good thing I enjoy working in the yard!

Flower bed and pool | rainerlife.com

Hydrangeas | rainerlife.com

Daylilies | rainerlife.com

We had a quiet Memorial Day weekend around the house. We had Gavin’s Honey and Pappaw (my mom and stepdad) over on Monday. Michael grilled burgers and brats, and we all had a nice time visiting and enjoying some food and drinks. It was a cloudy and rainy weekend, but we did manage to get in a little pool time.

Pool time | rainerlife.com

Michael and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on May 19th! We went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant to celebrate. It was a pretty low-key anniversary celebration, but it’s been a wonderful 5 years. Below is a photo from our wedding day.

Our wedding day | rainerlife.com
Photo by Elizabeth McClung


  • Beverly

    May was a happy and just busy enough month for y’all. I love that you are enjoying every day being a Mama – these days are flying by and he seems to be growing so fast. The pictures are all good and that is one of my favorites from y’all’s wedding….

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