Monthly Recap: November 2018

Hey There!

November was a great month! We managed to stay busy and get a few things accomplished, but I didn’t take any photos this month. Going through my camera roll, I had five or six random shots, and that’s it. I’m getting worse about remembering to take photos, so I’m going to try to make a little more effort and take more photos each month.

Our biggest thing this month was getting a new car for Michael. He had been thinking about getting rid of his truck and getting something that got better mileage. After shopping around, he decided on a plug-in hybrid by Kia. It gets great mileage and is the perfect size for our family. We’ve only had it a few weeks, but we’re all enjoying the new car.

We had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and enjoyed some family time. As usual, we ate too much food, but it was all so good! We’re not big on shopping on Black Friday, so we stayed home and watched football. I did make a trip over to the bookstore that afternoon to get some books while they were on sale, but that’s about it for our shopping. We did do some shopping the week after Thanksgiving, and it looks like we’re mostly finished with buying gifts. We also got our Christmas decorations out that week, so we’re in the Christmas spirit around here.

A couple of random shots from my phone this month…

Gavin goofing off while shopping | rainerlife.com

Gavin playing with LEGOs | rainerlife.com


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