Monthly Recap: October 2018

October was full of fun! Gavin loves Halloween, so this time of year is a blast!

We went to a couple of events at the library this month. Early in the month was fire safety week, and firefighters were at the library talking to the kids. Later in the month was Halloween at the library. The kids dressed in their costumes for storytime. So cute!

Gavin on a fire truck | rainerlife.com

Gavin on a fire truck | rainerlife.com

Gavin as an astronaut for Halloween at the library | rainerlife.com

A local event that we enjoy each year is Dogtoberfest. It’s an event the combines dogs and beer in a family friendly environment. Even though we were not looking for any new pets, we enjoyed walking around and looking at all the dogs and cats that were available for adoption. We have our hands full with the two dogs we have, but if we were looking to adopt a new pet, this would be a great place to get one. For the beer portion, they sell tickets for a beer tasting. They had more than a dozen breweries set up, and we were able to try some beers we hadn’t tasted before. Since it’s a family friendly event, they had face-painting and bounce houses for the kids. For food, they had a bunch of food trucks. The event was at a different venue this year, and it was better than the past years. They had an indoor space for the beer tasting, and it was so much better. In the past, the tables have been close together, and so many people go to the tasting, that it’s hard to get around the crowds to get samples and talk to the brewers. The outside part was better too. It seemed like a good layout for everything, so hopefully they stick with this place for future events.

Pumpkin face-painting | rainerlife.com

Bounce house fun | rainerlife.com

Gavin really likes pumpkins, so we bought one to carve this year. Gavin picked out a pumpkin and a design he wanted carved, and I carved it for him. He was supervising me the whole time, and was very excited about having a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.

Carved pumpkin for Halloween | rainerlife.com

It’s been rainy a lot, and, unfortunately, it poured down on Halloween night. We usually do a family costume and take Gavin trick-or-treating, but that didn’t happen this year. The day of Halloween, Gavin and I ran errands around town, and he wore his astronaut costume while we did that. During the day, he said he wanted to be an alien. I think this was because Michael and I were aliens last year. Anyway, we did get him all dressed up as an alien that evening, so he was excited about that.

Gavin as an astronaut | rainerlife.com

Gavin as an alien on Halloween | rainerlife.com

It was a great month!


  • Beverly Smith

    For some reason this got by me – lots of great pictures (he is growing fast and he is such a joy). The pumpkin looked really good – wish we knew a way to preserve them…..

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