Monthly Recap: September 2017

Happy Fall!

Our September was really quiet. We stayed in a lot and enjoyed our home. We swam in the pool, played outside, read books, built things with LEGOs, and just had fun. We did get out and go to storytime at the library each week and visited a few parks.

Gavin front and center at storytime | rainerlife.com

Gavin on a park slide | rainerlife.com

The East Texas State Fair was this month, so Gavin and I went to check it out one day. I think his favorite thing was a kiddie pool with magnetic fish to catch with a little rod and magnet. I had a hard time getting him away from that activity, but he had fun with some of the other stuff too… there was a robot that he was really interested in and the petting zoo is always fun.

Gavin fishing at the Fair | rainerlife.com

Gavin and the Fair robot | rainerlife.com

Gavin at the Fair petting zoo | rainerlife.com

We did have some sad news this month, Michael’s father passed away. There was a nice Celebration of Life visitation. Thank you to our friends and family who were able to make it.

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