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We had a deck in our backyard, but we recently made some improvements to it. Previous owners had built the deck – not sure when but it’s not that old. It was in need of staining and we wanted to cover and screen in part of it.

It’s a large deck with two levels – a top part then a step down to a lower part. We wanted to cover the top part and leave the bottom area open. Our design was pretty simple – a metal roof with wood frame that was stained to match the rest of the deck. The guys did a good job and it looks great. We extended the roof a few feet past the screened area to have a little bit of covered space that wasn’t screened, so the entire top level is covered but not all of it is screened.

The deck has three sets of stairs down to the backyard. One set of stairs is with the screened in area and we had a screen door put there. Michael built gates for the other two stairs. This has been very helpful with keeping an active toddler and puppies on the deck. Before the gates it was just open, so Gavin and the dogs would take off down the steps as soon as given the opportunity. Now we have gates that slow them down.

When we bought the house the deck had an orangish colored stain. Neither Michael nor I liked the orange, so we went darker with the stain to get something we thought we’d like more. We picked Olympic Dark Mahogany Semi-Transparent Stain, and are happy with the way it turned out.

Under the roof in the screened area we had a ceiling fan installed. We also had a couple of outdoor plugs added to the deck (inside and outside of the screened area). The ceiling fan is great since it’s always hot in Texas. The extra plugs are useful too. For now, we’re using one plug to keep a mini-refrigerator on the deck to keep cold drinks handy.

Ceiling Fan on Backyard Deck | rainerlife.com

We’ve been enjoying the deck every day since it was finished. We spend a lot of time outside, especially with Gavin and the puppies. This turned out to be one of those projects that was definitely worth the time and money.

Backyard Deck {Before & After} | rainerlife.com

Backyard Deck {Before & After} | rainerlife.com

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