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Entry {Before & After}

I recently updated the entry in our new home. It ended up being a bigger project than I had intended, but I think it came out looking good.

The room had textured wallpaper that had been painted over. I had originally thought I’d just paint over the wallpaper too, but some areas of the walls didn’t look very good and I couldn’t cover it up to match the texture of the wall paper. So, I removed all the wallpaper and skim coated the walls. The room had been off-white with off-white (yellowish) trim, crown molding, and doors (back of front door and closet doors). I painted the walls very light gray using Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte/flat Full Moon (Behr – 780E-2) and the trim, crown molding, and doors white using Behr Premium Plus Ultra satin Ultra Pure White. I painted the inside of the closet white with Behr Premium Plus Ultra flat Ultra Pure White.

Other improvements were:
– We placed LED daylight bulbs in the entry light fixture and the closet.
– Replaced the ceiling vent register.
– Replaced the floor vent register.
– Replaced the bronze knobs on the closet door with satin nickel knobs.
– Childproofed the room.

When we were having electrical work updated, we had the electricians do some work in this room:
– Replaced the wall outlet with a white decorator outlet. The white decorator wall plate with no visible screws was used on the new outlet.
– Replaced the toggle light switches with a white decorator rocker switches. A white decorator wall plate with no visible screws was used on the new switches.
– Installed a new doorbell chime.

I tried to decorate simply to not clutter the main entrance to our home. We put a table and grandfather clock as the only furniture. I hung one thing on the wall, a painting, over the table. The closet is mainly empty- it has some hangers for coats.

Entry {Before} | rainerlife.com

Entry {After} | rainerlife.com

Entry Closet {After} | rainerlife.com


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