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Guest Half Bath {Before & After}

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Updated Half Bath | rainerlife.com

The guest half bath is located near the front door, just off the entry. This half bath is part of the “old” master bathroom – pocket doors close off the toilet area. We are working on changing the layout of our new home, but it’s going to take some time. We plan on changing the “old” master bedroom into a game room, and changing the den into a “new” master bedroom.

The room was originally painted yellow with beige trim, crown molding, cabinets, door, and wainscoting. I painted the walls gray using Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte/flat Anonymous (Behr – 780F-5). The trim, crown molding, cabinets, door, and wainscoting were painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra satin Ultra Pure White.

Other improvements were:
– Hired someone to remove the popcorn ceiling. We had all of the popcorn ceiling removed before we moved in.
– Repaired the leaky toilet.
– Changed out the toilet handle.
– Updated the decor with a new toilet paper holder and hand towel ring.
– Replaced the bronze knobs on the cabinet doors with satin nickel knobs.
– Replaced the bronze privacy latches on the pocket doors with satin nickel privacy latches.
– Hung a new mirror over the sink.

We hired an electrician to update the electrical work in our house. For this room, that was:
– Replaced the bronze wall sconces with brushed nickel sconces. We placed LED daylight bulbs in the new light fixtures.
– Replaced the wall outlet with a white decorator outlet. A white decorator wall plate was used on the new outlet.
– Replaced the toggle light switch with a white decorator rocker switch. A white decorator wall plate was used on the new switch.

Half Bath {Before & After} | rainerlife.com

Half Bath {Before & After} | rainerlife.com

Half Bath {Before & After} | rainerlife.com

Half Bath | rainerlife.com

We have some more work to do, but it looks okay for now. It’s a nice little half bath that is convenient for guests.


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