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I’ve written a lot about the updates we’ve made to our home, but I never posted a floor plan. I recently came across a floor plan Michael had drawn in SketchUp, and thought I would post it. He did this floor plan when we first bought the house and were trying to decide how to use different areas. I labeled the rooms based on how we are currently using each room. It’s not exactly to scale, but it’s close enough.

The house was originally built in 1973, and has been added on to over the years. It is currently just over 3900 square feet. The room we are using as the Master Bedroom was a den. This room was not original to the house… I’m not sure when it was added on but I’m guessing some time during the 1980s. The original master bedroom is the room we are using as the Game Room. Additionally, the garage was enclosed (not sure when) and two bedrooms were built. These are the rooms we are using as the Home Office and Home Gym. So, the back door was originally at the end of the Hallway by the Mudroom. Now, we have to go through the Back Entry to get to the Mudroom, but it works for us. Last year, we added the walk-in Pantry using a closet off the Game Room.

Click on the image to open a large view.

Floor Plan | rainerlife.com


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