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We painted and made a few other updates to the laundry room a while back. In the post, Laundry Room {Before & After}, I had mentioned that we had a couple of things on our wishlist for that room. Well, we did those things – new flooring and a new countertop!

For the flooring, we used Mirasol ML70 – Bianco Carrara, a porcelain tile that looks like marble. We opted for the 12 x 24 tiles, and we had it installed in a brick pattern. This is the same floor that was installed in our kitchen, breakfast room, and kitchen hallway. It looks great!

The countertop matches the countertops we had installed in our kitchen. Since the flooring and paint colors are the same for the two rooms, and they are located near each other, we had the same quartz countertop installed to create a cohesive look. We had the Martha Stewart Living by Viatera in Midnight installed.

In addition to the big improvement of new floors and countertops, I added a couple of things to make the laundry room workspace easier to use.
– We had an old closet rod that we weren’t using, so Michael sawed it down to fit under the cabinets by the washer and dryer. Now I can hang up clothes in the laundry room right after removing them from the dryer. I’ve also used the hangers to hang items that need to air dry.
– The laundry sorter we had was falling apart, so I purchased a few hooks and laundry bags. I put the hooks on the wall where the laundry sorter had been, and hung up laundry bags along there. So far, I like this system better.
– I hung a wall mounted mop and broom holder to keep those items organized.
– I hung a grocery bag dispenser to keep the bags under control.

Laundry Room | rainerlife.com

Laundry Room | rainerlife.com

It’s great to get more items checked off our to do list, and we’re really happy with the flooring and countertops. Plus, the additional small improvements have created a more clean and useful laundry room.

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