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Living Room {Before & After}

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Living Room Finished| rainerlife.com

The living room in our home is a good size and is where we spend most of our time.

The walls in our living room are wood paneled and were painted by a previous owner. We painted them, and everything else in the room, to update the look. The room was originally painted beige with beige trim, crown molding, built-ins (shelves and cabinets), fireplace, mantle, and railing. I painted the walls, ceiling, and built-ins (shelves and cabinets) a very light gray using Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte/flat Full Moon (Behr – 780E-2). The trim, crown molding, mantle, and railing were painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra satin Ultra Pure White.

The fireplace was also already painted beige by a previous owner, so I painted it too and tried my hand at sponge painting the brick. I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte/flat Full Moon as the base coat. Then I sponge painted the bricks using Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte/flat Sterling (Behr – 780E-3). I am really happy with the final result. I was worried it wouldn’t look very good when I finished, but it looks much better and makes a big difference with how the room looks.

Living Room Fireplace Painted Brick| rainerlife.com

Living Room Fireplace Painted Brick Finished| rainerlife.com

Before we moved in we had the electrical work updated. In this room, the electricians:

– Replaced the ceiling light fixture with a ceiling fan and light fixture combo. This was the only room in the house that didn’t have a ceiling fan. It’s a big room, and after shopping around we decided on this ceiling fan. We bought a light kit to go with it and put LED daylight bulbs in the light fixture.

– Replaced the five wall outlets with white decorator outlets. The white decorator wall plates with no visible screws were used on the new outlets.

– Installed a white decorator rocker switch to operate the fan. A white decorator wall plate with no visible screws was used on the new switch.

– Replaced the two cable outlets with white decorator outlets. The white decorator wall plates with no visible screws were used on the new outlets.

Living Room Lights {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Other improvements were:

– Removed the blinds and hung new curtains. I like using a double curtain rod with sheers and curtains instead of blinds.

– Replaced the ceiling vent registers. This room has three ceiling vents, but none are shown in the pictures I posted. I’ve been buying the white TruAire registers from Home Depot.

– Replaced the logs for the gas fireplace.

– Added volcanic rock to the gas fireplace to fill in some areas. I got the rock at a local brick and stone store.

– Replaced the fireplace glass doors. Fireplace doors are crazy expensive… most of what we looked at was over $1000. We looked and looked and could not find anything that we really liked. So, we finally decided try these doors. They were a lot cheaper than the other doors we looked at, and they look good and were easy to install. We weren’t wild about these doors, but we weren’t wild about any of the other doors that we looked at either… so we opted to save some money on this home improvement project.

– Replaced the bronze knobs on the cabinets with satin nickel knobs.

– Reframed the picture over the mantle. This is Michael’s favorite picture, and was in need of a new frame. After updating the room, we decided to go ahead and get it reframed. We took it to Hobby Lobby to be framed, and the lady that was working was very helpful with picking out a frame and mat. It looks sooooo good hanging over the mantle!

– Removed the doors that were between the living room and wet bar. After I removed the doors to paint them and the door trim, we decided we liked not having the doors between the two rooms. And I was happy to have one less thing to paint!

Living Room {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Living Room Fireplace Gas Logs| rainerlife.com

Living Room Fireplace {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Living Room Doors {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Living Room Built-in {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Living Room Built-in {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

Living Room {Before & After}| rainerlife.com

The living room looks so much better now! I’m loving the new look!

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