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I recently wrote about some tree work we had done in our yard. After that project, we noticed another tree that wasn’t looking very healthy, so we had the same arborist come out. This time he gave us an assessment of all our trees. The first time he was out, we only had him look at certain areas, not the entire yard.

It was recommended that we remove two lightning damaged pine trees and trim dead limbs from several post oak trees. One of the lightning damaged trees was the one that we noticed wasn’t looking healthy, and it was near the house. The other lightning damaged pine tree was located close to where we park our vehicles – we knew about it, but since it looked okay, we weren’t too worried about it. The oak trees that needed to be trimmed were located on the rear side of our house, mainly by the deck and fire pit area. The post oaks on the front side of the house were trimmed the first time we had tree work done.

The arborist said they could get the work done in a day, so we decided to go ahead and do it. It took a full day, but they got the two trees down and hauled off, plus trimmed all the oaks near the house.

Our yard - tree work | rainerlife.com

Our yard - tree work | rainerlife.com

Our yard - tree work | rainerlife.com

We enjoy our yard and want to keep it looking good. By removing the two pines and cleaning up the trees around the house, I think it should help with the overall health of our trees. Hopefully, we won’t need to get any more work done on our trees for a while.


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