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Last year we had the fences removed from around our yard. We had always planned on getting new fencing, but we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted. When we decided to put in a swimming pool, we also needed to decide on a fence. Obviously, we wanted a fence around the pool, but we also wanted an area fenced in for the dogs to run and play.

We liked the look of black metal fencing, so we started with that. We decided on a 4-foot black fence with a pressed spear top. Our fenced area is off the back of the house and splits the yard into two areas. The fence that divides the two sides runs off the deck. We had a small gate put in the fence between the two sides, so it’s easy to go from the pool area to the fire pit area. The other two sides each have a wider gate, so lawn equipment or other larger items can be taken into the fenced areas.

Gate on fence | rainerlife.com

Pool fence | rainerlife.com

Pool fence | rainerlife.com

Gate on fence between pool and fire pit | rainerlife.com

Fence off deck that goes between pool and fire pit | rainerlife.com

New fence | rainerlife.com

New fence | rainerlife.com

It’s great to have a fenced in area behind the house. I love that the dogs can be left outside for a little while to run and play. We had to have them on leashes at all times before the new fence went up, so I’m sure they like the fence too. The fence around the pool adds a lot of safety. A big concern since we have a toddler. We’re happy to have this project complete. Bonus, it looks great!


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