Home Improvements

New Windows

New windows in the kitchen hall | rainerlife.com

We had new windows installed in our home! We replaced the original single pane windows and storm windows with new vinyl replacement windows.

New slider windows - view from deck (outside) | rainerlife.com

We had double hung windows put in all the rooms, except for the master bedroom and the kitchen hallway. We had slider windows installed in those rooms. I really like all the new windows. They look fantastic and are easy to use.

New double hung windows | rainerlife.com

New slider windows | rainerlife.com

New windows in breakfast room (inside) | rainerlife.com

New windows in breakfast room (outside) | rainerlife.com

Getting new windows was one of the big projects on our list, so it’s nice to have it finished. This update to our home makes a huge difference and looks great!


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