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Stormwater Drainage

After we lived in our home for a while, we discovered a stormwater drainage problem. We had heavy rainfall last Spring, and following a big storm, we had water seep into our house. It happened again in the Fall. Big problem!

This was a project we needed to get done before we started any other home improvements, mainly since this was a bigger concern and the other projects are more want-to-do than need-to-do.

We hired a landscape company that did a lot of drainage work, and they did an excellent job. We had river rock between the house and retaining wall, but it didn’t serve any purpose – it just held water during heavy rainfall since the water had nowhere to go. The guys that did our drainage work cleared out the river rock and dug down to put in a 30-foot French drain along the end of the house and two twelve-inch drain boxes, then put the river rocks back in place. They tied the downspouts on the end of the house into the new drainage system. Lastly, they hand-dug across our front yard (140-feet) and installed PVC pipe for the water to drain down with a lawn pop-up drain at the end of the pipe.

Less than a week after the work was completed, we had a heavy rainfall. The new drainage system worked perfectly! It was great to not have any water seep into the house, and we can check this project off our list.

Stormwater drainage - French drain & drain boxes | rainerlife.com

Stormwater drainage - French drain & drain boxes | rainerlife.com

Stormwater drainage - French drain & drain boxes | rainerlife.com


  • John

    My wife and I have been having a problem with runoff water from heavy rains and need to do something to protect our home. I’m glad to see you were able to find a good landscape company to take care of your drainage problem. I think looking to a professional would be in our best interest as well since I have no experience whatsoever in stormwater drainage.

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