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Our New Walk-In Pantry

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Walk-in pantry with open shelves | rainerlife.com

One of our biggest projects was to build a walk-in pantry in our kitchen. This was a biggie to cross off our to-do list! We originally had a reach-in pantry, but we were able to create a large walk-in pantry using closet space that was behind the kitchen. The room behind the kitchen was originally used as a master bedroom, but we’re working on changing the layout of the house and plan on using that room as a game room. The master bedroom had two closets, so there is still a decent size closet in there if we decide to use the room as a bedroom again.

Old reach-in pantry | rainerlife.com
old reach-in pantry

Old master bedroom closet| rainerlife.com
old bedroom closet

Old master bedroom closet| rainerlife.com
old bedroom closet

Old master bedroom closet| rainerlife.com
old bedroom closet

The closet had a water heater in it, and we decided to update to a new tankless water heater. We had the tankless unit installed in the attic, so we now have even more space to use in the pantry. After we had the plumbers install our new unit and remove the old tank, we got in there and pulled up the carpet and tore out all of the shelving.

Old water heater| rainerlife.com
old water heater

We hired a carpenter to knock out a door space between the kitchen and closet, tear down a small wall between the refrigerator and reach-in pantry, and enlarge the opening between the dining room and kitchen. We used the same door that had been in place for the reach-in pantry, and installed new satin nickel hinges and door knob. The carpenter closed off the space where the door for the closet was from the bedroom. We also had him repair the walls and install new baseboards in the pantry. With the walls and ceiling repaired and updated (we had the popcorn ceiling removed before we moved in), I painted the pantry with Behr Premium Plus Ultra flat/matte Ultra Pure White.

Wall that was torn out to make walk-in pantry| rainerlife.com
wall that was torn out to make walk-in pantry

Wider opening and entry to walk-in pantry| rainerlife.com
entry into walk-in pantry

We had an electrician install a new outlet and a doorjamb light switch in the new pantry. The electrician also removed the light switch from the bedroom that had controlled the closet lights. The light fixtures that were in the closet were good, so we left them in place and put in new, brighter bulbs.

The same flooring that is in the kitchen and breakfast room was put in the new pantry. We used 12″ x 24″ tiles of Mirasol ML70 – Bianco Carrara, a porcelain tile that looks like marble.

We installed the shelves ourselves. We used 2-inch x 10-inch x 12-foot pine boards. To make the shelves wider, we used two 10-inch boards side-by-side. We stained the boards with a dark walnut stain. I love the open shelves!

Walk-in pantry| rainerlife.com
walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantry | rainerlife.com
walk-in pantry

We keep a small chest freezer in the pantry that we use for homebrewing. Next to the freezer, we put a free-standing shelving unit to keep our homebrewing supplies organized.

Walk-in pantry storage area for homebrewing supplies| rainerlife.com
homebrewing supplies

I love having a walk-in pantry! This is a huge pantry where we can keep food, appliances, rarely used kitchen items, and homebrewing supplies.


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