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Avinger Wine Festival

The first Avinger Wine Festival was held on September 21, 2013, in Avinger, TX. We love trying new wines, so as soon as I heard about this festival earlier in the year, we marked our calendars and planned to visit it. We rode over to Avinger with my mama and stepdad, who were equally as excited about the new festival.

Darinda and Micheal enjoying the Avinger Wine Festival.

The festival was held on the grounds of the Simpson/Salmon home located on Main Street (Highway 49). This was a wonderful location for the festival. Parking was available in a neighboring field. It had rained the day before, and we were pleasantly surprised that muddy grounds were not an issue. Entry to the festival was free, and we were given a map with a list of the vendors, food booths, and wineries.

Once past the entrance, the vendor booths were set up and selling items such as ceramics, woodwork, art, olive oils, salad dressings, jams and jellies, and wine accessories.

A walk through the vendors led to the food booths, selling foods such as cheese trays, steak and chicken skewers, rotisserie chicken, and empanadas. We stopped at a couple of the booths and bought food to take into the wine garden.

The wine garden had a $5 entry fee, which included a wine glass and a wine bottle tote bag. Eight local wineries were set up in the wine garden and provided wine tastes for $1 and a glass for $5. Bottles of wine were also for sale from the wineries, with prices varying depending on the wine. I had been to three of the wineries before, so I mainly purchased tastings from the other five wineries to try new wines. Some tables and chairs were available in the wine garden; however, there was not enough seating for the crowd that showed up. This was the only thing I saw that needed improvement for future festivals. Glad they had such a positive response for their first festival!

Wineries at the Avinger Wine Festival:
1. Enoch’s Stomp Winery & Vineyards – We have been to this winery, located in Harleton, TX, and tasted their wines. This winery has one of our all-time favorite wines – Cweet Cynthiana. I didn’t try any of their wines at the festival, but below is the list of wines they advertised.

Red Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
Chambourcin (dry)
Merlot (dry)
Norton (dry)
Blush & Rose Wines
Cweet Cynthiana (sweet)
Susan’s Secret (sweet)
Sweet Lenoir (sweet)
Dessert Wines
Ellen’s Song (off-dry red port)
Ellen’s Sweet Song (sweet red port)
Marla’s Melody (sweet white port)
Potter’s Hand (sweet red)
White Wines
Blanc DuBois (dry)
Blanc DuBois (sweet)
Villard Blanc (dry)


2. Fairhaven Vineyards – We have been to this winery, located in Hawkins, TX, and tasted their wines. I didn’t try any of their wines at the festival, but below is the list of wines they advertised.

Red Wines
Aliona (semi-sweet)
Ariadne (dry)
Lomanto (dry)
Chambourcin (dry)
Dessert Wines
Circe (ruby port)
White Wines
Blanc du Bois (semi-sweet)




3. Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards – We have been to this winery, located in Pittsburg, TX, and tasted some of their wines. I only tried All My X’s at the festival, which was good and I think I have had it before. Below is the list of wines they advertised.

Red Wines
All My X’s (sweet)
Dolcetto Reserve (dry)
Grand Reserve Meritage (dry)
Sangiovese (dry)
Super Texican (dry)
Sweet Rodeo Red (sweet)
Blush & Rose Wines
Pinky Tuscandero (sweet)
Rosie the Riveter (semi-sweet)
White Wines
Blanc du Bois (sweet)
Grand Reserve Viognier (dry)
Moscato Reserve (sweet)
Vermentino (dry)





4. Maydelle Country Wines – This winery is located in Rusk, TX. They had some of their fruit wines (blackberry, lemon, lime, and peach) available at the festival. I tried the lime wine and Michael tasted the lemon wine.

5. O’Farrell Country Vineyard – This winery is located in Atlanta, TX. They make muscadine and fruit wines. We tasted the Blue Diva, Cheeky Peach, Smokehouse Red, and Sweet Memories. I liked the Cheeky Peach best.

Muscadine Wines
Moonglow (dry & sweet white)
Sassy Sisters (sweet blush)
Smokehouse Red (dry red)
Sweet Memories (sweet red)
Fruit Wines
Blackberry & Grape (semi-sweet, blackberry and muscadine)
Blue Diva (table wine, blueberry)
Cheeky Peach (table wine, peach)
Plum Crazy (table wine, plum)
Plum & Grape (sweet, plum and muscadine)


6. Red Road Vineyard & Winery – This winery is located in Naples, TX. We tasted the Chocolate Lach Rua, Las, and Signature Red. The Signature Red was my favorite of the ones I tasted for this winery. Below is a list of the wines they advertised.

Red Wines
Dearg (dry)
Lach Rua (sweet)
Signature Red (dry)
Texas Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
Blush & Rose Wines
Las (sweet)
White Zinfandel (off-dry)
Dessert Wines
The Icehouse After Dark (port)
Tristan Manuel (ruby port)
White Wines
Fion (dry)
Muscat Canelli (sweet)
Sedoga (semi-dry)
Signature White (semi-sweet)
Solas (semi-sweet)



7. St. Rose Vineyard & Winery – This winery is located in Pittsburg, TX. Most of the wines they advertised were fruit and muscadine wines – Foxy Blue (blueberry & red muscadine), Foxy Blackberry (blackberry & red muscadine), Foxy Cherry (cherry & muscadine), Foxy Cranberry (cranberry & muscadine), Foxy Peach (peach & white muscadine), Foxy Pear (pear & white muscadine), and Foxy Strawberry (strawberry & white muscadine). They also have The Red Fox, a dry red muscadine wine, and The White Fox, a dry white muscadine wine. We tasted the Foxy Blackberry and The Red Fox.

8. Texas Legato Winery – This winery is located in Lampasas, TX. They offered four wines at the festival – Cabernet Sauvignon (dry red), Chardonnay (dry white), GCP Mirtillo (semi-sweet, blueberry), and Sweet Peggy Sue (semi-sweet white). We tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sweet Peggy Sue. I liked the Cabernet Sauvignon best.

We all had a great day enjoying some Texas wines, eating artisan foods, and browsing the vendor booths. Already looking forward to next year’s festival on September 20, 2014!

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