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Fairhaven Vineyards

Wines we bought at Fairhaven Vineyard.


Last Saturday we decided to take in a local winery… Fairhaven Vineyards in Hawkins, TX. They have a nice tasting room located in the winery, and both of the ladies working were friendly and polite. Since we had never been to Fairhaven Vineyards, we did a tasting of each of their wines – Ariadne, Lomanto Reserve, Chambourcin, Chambourcin Reserve, Aliona, Blanc du Bois (dry), Blanc du Bois (semi-sweet), and Circe. The Callisto Rose and Chardonnay were not available the day we were there. They also sell cheese, fruit, and meat trays to enjoy while tasting the wines. We ordered the half size cheese and meat tray, which was plenty for the two of us. We liked a few of the dry red wines (Ariadne, Chambourcin, and Chambourcin Reserve) and the ruby port (Circe). We bought a bottle of Chambourcin and Circe to enjoy at home. Neither of us cared for the Blanc du Bois (both the dry and the semi-sweet). It was a good winery to visit and we found a few new wines to enjoy.


Fairhaven Wines

Red Wines
Ariadne (dry)
Lomanto Reserve (dry)
Chambourcin (dry)
Chambourcin Reserve (dry)
Aliona (semi-sweet)
Callisto Rose (sweet)
Circe (ruby port)
White Wines
Chardonnay (semi-dry)
Blanc du Bois (dry)
Blanc du Bois (semi-sweet)




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